Family business founded on 1951 by the family Curros Sánchez and Carmen Villalba, grandparents of the actual management - owner of Venta Los Pacos.

It was a difficult time and a city business where you could purchase rice, pasta, bread or tobacco brought illegaly into the country, the shredded tobacco from Gibraltar. Specially wine, either white from Montilla y Moriles in 16-liter containers and mainly young wine, that was made, stepping the grapes, by Salvador Toro and Juan Sanchez (the son of the mentioned couple).

These two men where famous in the area for the quality of their wines, since they give them a natural and good taste that many people used them as appetizers. This wine was made from the moscatel grapes grown in the Sanchez family lands.

Continuing with the quality of their wines, this Venta was then managed by Mr. Juan Sánchez and his wife Mrs. María Fernández.
During a period of time of about fifteen years, some complexes were built in the area (Marbella Montaña, Tahiti Club) and the workers were going to Venta.

This ended up in disputed domino games, where the most memorable teams were those formed by Paco Jimenez and Antonio Monda, Diego Parra and Curro or Miguel Ocaña and Pedro Roman.
These teams usually betted great dinners late at night prepared by Mrs. Maria, being the most requested plate eggs with potatoes.

On September 9th 1982 the existing Venta Los Pacos was inaugurated and even though the staff was formed by 5 workers, everything remained as familiar as before. The growth of Marbella goes parallel to the growth of our Venta, thus our clientele has grown considerably in a few years, becoming in a national reference point. And I say our clientele because apart from a daily, loyal and honest group of workers we must specially mention Luis Ortiz for his loyalty.

We also receive such admired people as Antonio Burgos, Paco de Lucía, Jesús Mariñas, Antonio Borrego (Ex-Director of Radio Nacional), Sergio y Estíbaliz, María Patiños, Jorge Juste anda n ex-member of Atlético Madrid, Raúl González when he was a junior in this football team.